From the recording All My Firsts


Let's start at the skate park around nine
We'll stay for a while cause we have most of the day
The show doesn't start until tonight
And everybody's coming
You never really know who you might meet there
Or who showed up that you just didn't see
It turns out so many times I missed her
But that's how it always goes for me

Everything was waiting there
Just like the dreams that we all shared
When everybody cared to see them through
But slowly each did their own thing
As we just kept on touring
And that's when I first heard about you

I couldn't wait to get back home
And try to meet this girl it feels like I already know
Her friends all say she's great but she's in school so far away
And then when she gets out she's moving to LA

You hitched a ride on some band's bus
Who's bag pipes player had a crush on you
And I wasn't sure which of us
You were into
And of course his show was amazing
But when they packed up all their gear to leave
He looked around but found nothing
Cause you had already left with me

That summer was made of gold
Falling in love and leaving home
Motorcycles, punk rock shows, and dreams
Fireworks that light the sky
And the first kiss of my whole life
Growing up has taking new meaning

This is all so new to me
I'll show you what to do
If this whole things a dream
I hope I wake up next to you

I couldn't wait for us to be alone
That summer turned my dreams into the only girl I need to know
We made out everyday but she's in school so she can't stay
And then when she gets done we're moving to LA

Sing a song of summer love

That summer was made of gold
Falling in love and leaving home
Roller coasters, punk rock shows, and dreams
Road trips across state lines
You're the only way I spent my time
And every moment means so much to me

When everyone else went to sleep
We were barely just starting
And I'd give anything to make this last
That summer found everything
That was hiding right in front of me
Why do all the good times go so fast